• What do you do in the winter?
  • We spend the off season sharpening our skills and pencils! This is the time of year to sign up for the upcoming season. If you're not happy with your current lawn service, tree service or vegetation control service, NOW is the time to find someone new. Before signing a season long contract, call DVSS for a free, no obligation, no binding consultation, evaluation and proposal. Even if you authorize DVSS to perform services on your property, you are never "locked-in". If ever you are not completely satisfied with the service or the results we provide you can cancel at any time.
    Oh, and sorry, we don't provide snow removal!
  • Do I need to be home for my lawn/tree treatments?
  • Our certified applicators will use their discretion as to the most beneficial time to make the application; the homeowner need not be present.
  • How will I know when I received my lawn/tree treatment?
  • Following the application we will leave a note where you are likely to find it, but not necessarily in your mailbox. The notice will include the specific treatment that was made that day, as well as any instructions for the homeowner.
  • How long until we can enter the treated area?
  • If a liquid treatment is applied, generally the only instruction is to avoid the treated area until the spray dries…usually 15-30 minutes. For any other restriction you will be given specific instructions at the time of the application.
  • What happens if it rains following my lawn/tree treatment?
  • Rain will benefit most of our treatments. That said, we may add an adjuvant to a treatment to improve its rainfastness if necessary. Our experienced applicators are well versed and rain is always taken into account. If a result is ever in question, please contact us.
  • Will your company call me prior to a visit?
  • Due to the nature of our business, it is very difficult to call prior to a visit. We sometimes have only a small window of opportunity to successfully apply our products. Customer pre-notification, while possible, can sometimes compromise results.
  • How do we pay for our lawn/tree treatments?
  • You will receive an invoice by mail or e-mail in the days following your visit. We accept personal checks, money orders, AmEx or Visa/MasterCard as payment. Terms are net 30 days. Optional payment terms can be arranged at your request.
  • Does the application need to be watered in?
  • There are times that the application should be followed by watering. Please check the note we leave for specific instructions.
  • How often and how long should I water my lawn?
  • When watering, you should water deeply but as infrequently as possible. When necessary, apply one inch of water per week in one or two applications. Avoid daily, light sprinkling and evening watering.
  • My lawn was recently reseeded. How should I water it?
  • When possible, keep the soil moist constantly by frequent, light watering until the new grass is germinated and established.
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