"A well maintained lawn supports a healthier environment."

Lawn Grass Turf Care

We provide lawn, turf and grass care including weed and crabgrass control, insect control, grass seed, fertilizer, and more in the South & Central Jersey, PA & Northeast (Delaware Valley Tri-State) areas.

Lawn Renovation
This process to restore poor turf includes the removal of thatch, core aeration, and mechanical over seeding. This service may require the eradication of existing growth prior to the seeding process.

Whether it's a new lawn or an existing grass area, seeding is the most efficient method of enhancing turf density. By means of a mechanical slit seeder or over seeder, our process allows for optimum seed-to-soil contact for ideal results.

Our properly timed, organically based fertilizer applications are the foundation of a healthy, dense lawn. By appropriately providing your lawn with the necessary macro and micro-nutrients needed to maintain health and vigor, our slow release fertilization methods will provide sustained color with only 2-4 annual treatments.

Lime Treatments
Our pelletized, high calcium lime treatments are designed to adjust soil pH levels, improving soil texture and drainage. Equally as beneficial is our lime's ability to improve the availability of other nutrients to the grass plants.

Core Aeration
Highly effective in reducing soil compaction, this mechanical process removes cores from the soil to allow air, water and nutrients directly into the root zone.

Crabgrass Control
Considering that crabgrass seeds can lay dormant in the soil for up to 50 years, and that one crabgrass plant can produce a million seeds, it's easy to understand the need for this service. We provide timely, effective treatments for both pre and post-emergence as needed. Controls are also effective on other annual grassy weeds.

Insect Control
Knowing and understanding the specific pest and its life cycle is the key to effective control. We use our many years of experience combined with both liquid and dry materials to control surface and sub-surface insects such as grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.

Healthy Lawn Grass Turf

Broadleaf Weed Control
Always applied as a liquid to assure optimum coverage with maximum effectiveness, our broadleaf weed control treatments are essential in keeping both common as well as more difficult broadleaf weeds under control.

Fungus Control
We provide high quality, liquid applications for the control and prevention of most common turf diseases.

Turf Growth Regulators
Reduce annual mowing and clipping disposal costs with an application of these products.

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